Sunday, January 4, 2009

10. Business Consultancy and Idea Makers in Coimbatore.(Business Management Consultancy)

Business Management Consultants in Coimbatore

There are a few business and industrial consultants engaged in training the industries and corporate houses in quality control aspects. They engage in establishing ISO standards in all aspects of the industry. They include production engineering companies like motor and pump manufacturers, textile machine manufacturers, and textile mills; manufacturers of wet grinders, engineering machines and spares, auto components, plastics goods etc. The service sector which take up ISO training and certification include hospitals and hotels.

Quality Management Consultants in Coimbatore

The corporate houses are willing to implement TQM, Lean, Six Sigma, kaizen and others to bring quality, economy and harmony in production and marketing.

Further, the companies undertake training in ERP and SAP also to reduce the costs and improve the profitability besides quality control at every stage of production.

Business strategy in Coimbatore

There is one more important aspect of management called Business Strategy / Marketing Strategy is receiving good attention as the corporate businesses need the technique of bringing more people into the business field as consumers to multiply the sales turnover in a short period of time. They act as designers of business strategies and magnetizers in advertising to pull the crowd.

Industrial Consultants in Coimbatore

Industrial consultants in Coimbatore offer technical consultancy in establishment of new industries with innovative ideas. They bring in turn key projects in construction of infrastructures and manufacturing of exportable machines and commodities. The government owned offices like DIC, Sidco, SISI are engaged in enterprises development by offering technical consultancies.

There are associations like Codissia, Siema, Sima help their members in many ways to start, establish and run the industries, besides finding solutions at Government level.

Real estate Consultants in Coimbatore

We have plenty of real estate makers who help in buying and selling of lands, buildings, establishing new housing colonies, apartments and industrial estates.
Very big projects are being launched to create new satellite towns with thousands of houses in the neighborhood semi urban areas.

Investments and Financial Consultants in Coimbatore

These agents help people in investing their hard earn money as well to avail loans and advances from banks and other non banking companies at low interest rates. Insurance consultants play an important role in mobilizing resources for the companies and offering lucrative schemes for the investing people. Most of the auditors and chartered accountants practice the investment portfolio for their clients.

Educational Consultants in Coimbatore

There are a few educational consultants who wish to offer services to get higher educations at foreign universities and career options after completion. Some companies develop links with foreign industries and get job opportunities for skilled persons. Some people engage in local placement services and mobilizing labor/work force to the needy industries.

Auto Consultants in Coimbatore

They play a crucial role in exchanging the used motor vehicles with in the easy reach of people desiring to own and operate four and two wheelers. They help in securing finance from small unorganized financiers for the discerning individuals.

Idea Makers in Coimbatore

Some intelligent people are engaged in making new product and project ideas. They find new businesses and offer them to new entrepreneurs to take them over on franchises. Some are export consultants who give total consultancy to identify manufacture or procure and export the goods to foreign countries. They engage in innovating and modifying the existing businesses to suit the modern needs of the society.

We can see some group of people find new lucrative schemes and products from abroad and popularize them by multilevel marketing.